Retaining Walls

We offer a wide variety of retaining wall block. Retaining walls are perfect for holding back soil from a building or structure and can be an attractive aesthetic feature to your property. They can also make slopes more  useful by terracing individual walls.

Pavers & Patios

We do many different shapes and sizes of paver jobs including patios, walkways, driveways, custom work, and more! We also have experience using permeable pavers which are porous to allow water to permeate through. Permeable paving can trap suspended solids therefore filtering pollutants from stormwater.

Landscape Lighting

We use Kichler Lighting for our outdoor lighting needs. Their LEDs create a pure, warm white light that can make the colors of your home come to life! Not only do they create the finest quality of light, but these light fixtures also use 75% less electricity than many other traditional landscape lighting! Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you enhance the beauty and value of your home!

Landscape Maintenance

Is your landscaping full of unsightly weeds? We get it, life gets busy and your landscaping gets put on the backburner and weeds take over. We offer weeding, property cleanups, shrub trimming, tree triming, and much more to keep your landscaping looking beautiful!

Outdoor Living Spaces

An outdoor living space increases the appeal and value of your home and provides a relaxing space for friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors in supreme comfort!

Custom Jobs

We don't just do your typical landscape projects, we also do custom railings, decks, pergolas, pavers, and more!

Redi-Rock® Walls

Redi-Rock® is a complete wall solution that uses large concrete blocks to create strong, great-looking walls.

Grading, Seeding, & Sodding

Our grading experts work with all types of soils and slopes. For us, there are no seed or sod jobs too big or too small.

Landscape Enhancements

If your landscaping is looking a little worn out and needs some sprucing up we offer a wide variety of landscaping enhancements such as mulching, shrub and tree trimming, installing new edging, and more. Landscape Enhancements are perfect for those with smaller budgets but still wish for a visually appealing landscape.